The History of Coalfield, TN, in the Cumberland Mountains

Coalfield, Tennessee, is a small Morgan County town in the Cumberland Mountains. The locality’s past is closely intertwined with the coal mining industry, a vital element in the area since the late 1800s.

The name Coalfield itself reflects the town’s mining heritage. A long time ago, people started digging up coal in this area. They found it in the 1870s. Coal was important because it helped people make money. By the early 1900s, coal was one of the main things people in the region did to earn a living. As the demand for coal escalated, the industry grew, leading to the opening of additional mines and rapid expansion.

Labor disputes and conflict between mine owners and workers marked Coalfield’s early history. For instance, 1891, a significant strike broke out in the region when miners demanded better wages and working conditions. This strike persisted for several months and concluded in the miners’ triumph. However, it also heightened the animosity between laborers and management.

Despite these challenges, the coal industry thrived in Coalfield and the surrounding region. The town became home to mining companies and related industries, including a brick plant and a limestone quarry. Coalfield’s population also grew as workers and their families moved to the area for employment.

One of the most significant events in Coalfield’s history occurred in 1902 when a massive explosion rocked the nearby Fraterville Mine. The explosion killed 216 miners and devastated the local community. The calamity attracted nationwide focus to the hazards associated with coal mining, resulting in initiatives to enhance safety and working conditions within the sector.

In the following decades, Coalfields continued to be a center of coal mining activity, but the industry also faced new challenges. When people stopped needing coal as much, many mines had to close. This made many people move away from the town because they didn’t have work anymore. Nowadays, Coalfield is a small, tightly-knit community with slightly over 2,000 residents.

Despite its challenges, Coalfield has maintained a strong sense of community and pride in its heritage. Coalfield boasts numerous historical sites, such as the Coalfield School, constructed in 1937, which now functions as a community center. The school was added to a separate list called the National Register of Historic Places. This shows that the town cares about keeping its history safe and protected.

Coalfield commemorates its mining heritage through the yearly Coalfield Heritage Festival, showcasing live music, delectable cuisine, and artisan vendors. The festival is a time for residents and visitors to unite and celebrate Coalfield’s rich cultural heritage.

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