Explore Walland, Tennessee: A Quaint Small Town Boasting a Fascinating History

Walland, Tennessee, is a town in the eastern United States region, specifically in Blount County, considered a small town. It’s well-known for its beautiful scenery and many outdoor fun opportunities, like hiking and fishing. The town of Walland has a distinguishing factor from other small towns nearby due to its unique and captivating history. Moreover, it is located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The first known inhabitants of the Walland area were the Cherokee Indians. The city had been inhabited for several centuries before the arrival of European settlers during the 1700s. The first white settlers were primarily farmers attracted to the area’s fertile land and abundant wildlife. They established small communities and built log cabins to house their families.

Walland had a significant role in the city’s history during the Civil War. The town was near several important transportation routes, including the Little River and the Knoxville and Charleston Railroad. As a result, Walland was a key site for military operations during the war. Union and Confederate forces occupied the town at various times during the conflict.

After the war, Walland became a center for logging and timber production. Due to its proximity to the mountains, the town was an ideal location for logging and wood production. This made it a good spot for sawmills and lumber yards. The logging industry brought prosperity to the town, and many new businesses and industries were established.

In the early 20th century, Walland began to change as tourism became an important industry in the region. During the 1930s, the construction of a large park named the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Walland occurred. Many visitors were attracted to the park due to its scenic beauty and various outdoor activities available. So, some hotels, lodges, and cabins were made for them to stay in.

Presently, Walland remains a long-standing small town whose inhabitants take pride in their rich history and endeavor to preserve it. They’ve fixed up many old buildings and houses, and there are even museums where people can learn about the town’s past.

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