Discover the Rich History and Natural Beauty of Kingston, TN: A City With a Proud Past and Thriving Present

Kingston was made in 1799, not long after Tennessee became a state. At first, it was called “King’s Town” to honor King George III of England. Then, it was changed to Kingston to honor General Nathanael Greene’s hometown in Rhode Island. He was a hero in the Revolutionary War. The town overgrew in the early years, becoming an important center for trade and commerce in the region.

Kingston, Tennessee, was an important Confederate transportation hub during the Civil War. The community was strategically placed along the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, transporting troops and supplies to the front lines. In 1863, the Union Army attacked Kingston. They destroyed the railroad bridge and caught many Confederate soldiers. The city was ruined during the war, but it was fixed up later on. Today, Kingston is a nice town with a lot of history.

One of the most important places in Kingston is the Old Courthouse. It was built in 1854 and was where Roane County’s government worked until the 1970s. The courthouse is now a museum containing a wealth of historical artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the city’s rich history. There are many fun things to see in Kingston’s downtown area, like stores, restaurants, and cool places that show what the city was like before.

Besides the old stuff, Kingston is also famous for how pretty it is outside. There are lots of chances to do things outside and have fun. The city is on Watts Bar Lake’s shores, a popular boating, fishing, and other water sports destination. The lake has some parks and places to play, like Kingston City Park. The park has a beach, spots to eat, and a playground.

One of the most popular events in Kingston is the Smokin’ the Water BBQ Cook-Off, which takes place every June. Lots of people come from nearby to go to this big party. There is yummy BBQ to try, and you can hear music and play games too.

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