Discover the Rich History and Strong Community of Powell, TN

Powell, Tennessee, a small neighborhood in Knox County and a suburb of Knoxville, is home to roughly 18,000 residents. Powell’s history began in the 18th century when European people came to settle in the area. Moses White, who established a log cabin near Beaver Creek in 1788, was one of the first residents in the […]

From Rural Hamlet to Tourist Hotspot: Exploring the Rich History of Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a small yet flourishing municipality in Sevier County, is a significant tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors annually. While the city is well-known for its interesting attractions and stunning surroundings, its history and past are equally intriguing. European immigrants initially inhabited the region that presently encompasses Pigeon Forge during the late 1700s. […]

From Coal Mining Boom to Quiet Heritage: Exploring the History of Petros, TN

Petros is a town in northern Tennessee, America. Only a few people live there. Long ago, the city was important for coal mining, which meant getting a special rock out of the ground for fuel. The first people came to the Petros area in the mid-1800s, enticed by the fertile land and many natural resources. […]

Uncover the Rich History and Natural Beauty of Oliver Springs, TN

Oliver Springs, TN, is a small city in eastern Tennessee in Anderson, Roane, and Morgan counties. Founded in 1850, the city’s rich history and cultural background contribute to its growth and development. Originally known as Winter’s Gap, the town was renamed in 1870 after a local landowner, Dr. Oliver Springs. The town became known for […]